Motorcycle Drive Chain
This is the basic economic chain for transportation purpose.
From the incoming material to the outgoing finish product, the entire manufacturing process is statistically controlled by computerized monitoring systems. The stability of this KMC product presents the best value of chain in its class.
Model Pitch Roller Link
Width (Min)
Dia (Max)
Pin Link
Plate Thickness
Roller Link
Plate Thickness
Roller Link
Plate Height (Max)
Pin Dia.
Width Riv. (Max)
Width Con.(Max)
Ave. Tensile Strength
Symbol P W D T1 T2 H d F G
Unit mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kgf
420 12.7 6.35 7.77 1.5 1.5 12.00 3.97 14.90 16.75 1833
428 12.7 7.85 8.5 1.5 1.5 12.35 4.47 16.15 17.85 1920