Date Resoulutions
  1. Approved the 1Q18 Consolidated Financial Report.
  2. The assignment of new internal audit supervisor.
  3. Approved of the application for bank loan.
2018/03/13 1. The motion of the statement for internal control system of 2017.
2. The implementation plan for “IFRS 16 Lease”
3. Amend the company’s “Meeting Regulation for the Board Meeting”
4. The unconsolidated financial statements and consolidated financial statements for the year 2017.
5. Business report for the year 2017.
6. Review of the resolution of remuneration committee.
7. The distribution of the earnings of 2017
8. The issuance of new shares for earnings transferred to capital in 2017.
9. The affairs to hold the annual shareholders’ meeting of 2018.
10. Accept the proposal from the shareholders with more than 1% of shareholdings.
11. Approved of the application for bank loan.
  1. The motion for the donation to the related party – KMC Cycling Passion Sports Charity Trust Foundation.
  2. Approved of the application for bank loan.