ECO Solution

Being a member of Green Transportation Industry, KMC is aware of her obligation and responsibility to protect our living places. Not only from KMC product development & production, but also from each of KMC individual members, KMC ECO Solution Team strive to increase Eco friendly competitive strengths, provide higher quality, and environmental-protection-focused products. Consumers can all obtain the green economical benefits of using KMC products. Through this process, KMC allows the green transportation industry to become a reality.


  • Promoting non-carbon emission transportation.
  • KMC factories and offices maintain environmental awareness & protection.
  • Examination & Certification of Eco Products.
  • Carbon Footprint assessment.
  • Carbon Reduction Program.
  • Carbon Neutral Program.


  • 2011 Initiation of Carbon Footprint assessment.
  • 2011 Dec. X series –X10SL (10speed Super Light Chain) has gone through DNV carbon footprint assessment.
  • 2011 Jan. Obtain DNV Carbon Footprint Examination Certificate, KMC enters the era of carbon footprint in 2012.
  • 2012 Feb. Obtain Carbon Footprint Certification.
  • 2014 Feb. The X11SL chain passed the verification for Carbon Footprint.
  • 2020 Apr. The X11SL chain obtained a certification label again.

Carbon Reduction Program

  • Promote the application of ECO-Friendly material
    1. Select Eco-Friendly materials
      (Easy Recycle, Economic, Low Pollution)
    2. Simplify and consolidate packaging
    3. Use Green Mark cartons
  • Design Eco Products
  • Development of Eco-Friendly Technology & Equipment
  • Implement Eco management system
  • Eco-Friendly marketing strategy