About Us



The foundation of KMC was initiated in 1977 with the purchase of several second-hand chain manufacturing machines by KMC founder, Charles Wu.

At that time, it was the smallest chain manufacturer in the world, but with Charles' determination and professionalism coupled with superior manufacturing processes, KMC quickly became the market leader in chains.

How does a company excel at making a light weight and exceedingly strong chain that consists of over 500 pieces? At making a chain that not only shifts smoothly, but is also able to withstand the strenuous force of abrupt gear changes? At creating the most efficient chain for transferring energy through high tolerances and superior rigidity?

Concentrating on chain design and production for nearly 40 years, KMC integrates all industry demands and requirements into their thought processes to deliver enhanced product functions, sophisticated manufacturing techniques, and innovative production processes, to name a few. KMC insists on only using and developing high function and high quality products to continually create new benchmarks in the industry; this allows the KMC brand to be synonymous with chain expertise.

Building Brand Value

With a foundation built on innovative technology and high quality products, KMC adheres to building brand image and value by extending their professionalism to all corners of the market. Through using the concept of direct customer service, the K-Shop KMC chain display was created for bicycle stores of all shapes and sizes to help customers easily find the chain they need.

Furthermore, KMC offers chain maintenance at outdoor events and KMC Dr. Chain lectures at local bike shops. Face to face interactions with customers allow priceless opportunities to connect with all types of consumers. Currently, KMC sales reach over 130 countries in the world in 13 languages with its strong marketing network.

The World’s First

Competitive advantages from leading technology, benchmark performance and superior quality, coupled with strong brand recognition and loyalty allow KMC to continually succeed. When it comes to super light weight chain, high-tensile strength, rigid energy-transfer technology, precision mold and heat treatment techniques, and innovative production equipment, KMC is the leader. Based on its bicycle chain manufacturing technologies, KMC also produces a variety of other chain products, like automobile timing chains, motorcycle chains, and industrial chains.

Charles Wu has achieved his vision of creating the largest and most significant chain manufacturer in the world, and rightly be called "Dr. Chain".

Honor and Vision

KMC has broken their past achievement records: the first chain manufacturer to release a Super Lightweight chain, to offer Color chain (including Titanium–Nitride coated chain and Patriot chain), to use Diamond-Like Coating (DLC) technology on the chain, and to achieve the chain industry’s first Carbon Footprint assessment. KMC has also been consistent in winning multiple iF design awards and the red dot design award. In addition, KMC understands the importance of participating in the sport and is proud to associate itself with all levels of professional riders from grassroots bike clubs to top international racing competitions (including 2 gold medals & 2 silver medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2 gold medals & 1 silver medal at the 2012 London Olympics, champion and the King of the Mountains (KOM) at the Vuelta a España and KOM on several stages of the Tour de France). Owing to these achievements and milestones, KMC has become one of the most liked bicycle chain brands in recent magazine consumer surveys.

Growth, innovation, teamwork, and execution encompass the enterprising culture of KMC. When it comes to Taiwan, cycling development and environmental protection, KMC has a strong growth-consciousness to allow all consumers to be able to obtain the benefits of eco-friendly materials and enjoy riding their bicycles with the highest quality products.

There is no limit to innovation; KMC will continue to excel as a leading innovator in the global chain industry in order to further the bicycle industry and pursue perfection. In the meantime, KMC will keep promoting cycling culture to attract more people to share safety, joyfully, and advance a greener lifestyle.